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Recent Activities

  • Jenny Price
    How and where do you volunteer your time?

    And why do you?
    — with Krystal Zellmer and 22 others.
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    • Anna Wall
    • Julie Bowen
  • Jenny Price
    What’s your favorite memory from childhood?
    What did it teach you about yourself?
    How can you apply it to today?
    — with Krystal Zellmer and 42 others.
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    • Marla Puckett
    • David Vrona  (Coach)
  • Jenny Price
    I love my life. So far today. Coffee. Avocado, apple, gorgonzola, candied pecan toast. Great music. Good conversations. An hour in my historical fiction fun READ. Now...getting to the fun and easy work mode and flow. What do you love about your life today? — with Tracy Hunt and 21 others.
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    • Adam Borntreger
    • Jenny Price
  • Jenny Price
    What is your present contract statement? AND what are you attracting today because of it?

    SHARE below. — with JoAnne Kazemi and 24 others.
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    • Yolanda Columbus
    • Don S. Self
  • Allen Russell
    Such a subtle twist from creating a new meaning. Choosing to focus on facts that validate a story that brings comfort, excitement, joy.......
  • Allen Russell
    Hey Jenny,
    I have a notification that you invited me to join Klemmer Coaching Academy but am not finding a way to do that. Support please. How does one join groups in general?
  • Allen Russell
    Hey Jenny. What is the biggest take-away (aha moment) from KCA this week?
    • Jenny Price
    • Allen Russell
  • Allen Russell
    • Jenny Price
    • Allen Russell