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  • James Mitchell
    I'm honored that JWOW is now in the Giver's Marketplace & will support Mustard Seed Foundation!

    JWOW branding includes an exclusive, up-and-coming apparel line! Hats, polos, sweatshirts, Dri-Fit tees & wristbands!
    Shop at: OR (make donation & deduct less purchase price)

    I was recently rear-ended in what is now a "total-loss" accident & am using that as a growth opportunity for new income mechanisms & more time now to spend in...  more
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    • James Mitchell
  • James Mitchell
    Happy Birthday Colleen! Make it the greatest day ever!!!
  • James Mitchell's what's awesome about "Intention": Sometimes, ha!...the solution coming may not look at all like we pictured it! I have a room reserved with the Intention of three roommates, so cost will be around $600/pp. I had an "opportunity" manifest today, to have two ladies coming together to share the room. Since they know me, my integrity and so many more trustworthy and great things, they felt "comfortable" outside-the-box. We could use one more to complete for maximum savings to only pay...  more
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  • James Mitchell
    I am honored that Klemmer sees my Calling and validates it! I love this personal & professional growth work, as it pushes us to continue our individual evolution from caterpillar to butterfly
    • James Mitchell
  • James Mitchell
    Health & Fitness & Ministry
    34416 SE Osprey Ct, Snoqualmie WA 98065
    JWOW Fitness Corp is using the fitness industry as it’s Ministry and mechanism to fulfill its “Zero Homeless/Zero Hungry” mission. JWOW Fitness Centers are modeled after Anytime F...
  • James Mitchell
    Hello Everyone!
    Here are some photos, enjoy! BTW: Love that icicle sabre! ⚡️⚡️⚡️