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  • James Williams, III
    Hey Klemmer San Antonio peeps! If you're in the area this Friday (May 17th) come over to LUNA at 6740 San Pedro for an unofficial Klemmer hang! I'll be there with The Keeshea Pratt Band from 9:30pm to 12:30am. It'll be great music and lots of fun! I MIGHT even sing a song!!! Share this with anyone you think may be interested. — with Kimberly Zink and 6 others.
  • Jenny Price
    What’s your favorite memory from childhood?
    What did it teach you about yourself?
    How can you apply it to today?
    — with Krystal Zellmer and 42 others.
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  • Kimberly Zink
    I want to reach out and follow up 1 wk post -
    Today I literally got to see the miracles that until today I would not have seen. Let me be clear it isn't that they weren't always occurring, I just couldn't see them. Today I got to see miracles - Today I watched men and women that are joining from different walks of life. Yet, today they became one in such beautiful, vulnerable, and honest ways. Today, this team came together with such a deep commitment to learning. They used the dojo for exact...  more
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  • Kimberly Zink
    Team 217 has had so many high lights I hesitate to mention just one!! Thank you all for your prayers and support for the entire ALS team and staff! KZ
    • Kari Ramon
  • Kimberly Zink
    I voted black for myself today by receiving support from a local klemmer friend. Kristen offered to Bring over dinner since my medical situation has kept me from going to restaurants. Hehehe!
    I literally ask her what it meant to provide dinner to me?! She walked me through the process
    1. Kimberly, you say YES!
    2. I will bring by a meal.
    3. I will not stay long due to other commitments.
    4. We will check in with each other for a few minutes.
    5. I will leave.
    6. You and your family will eat. ...  more
  • Kimberly Zink
    Thank you all for your love and support. I was expected to leave this morning however my DR. Is taking no risks with my health. Thank each and everyone of you who have lifted up positive thoughts prayers and space for me and my family. Please keep them coming my body tends to move a little slower than others.
    I’m going to rest now because I have an advanced course next week and a lot of people deserve the very best.
    Bless you and bless yours,KZ
  • Kimberly Zink
    I want to acknowledge the amazing Klemmer team! Recently, I had surgery and the fact that this gifted and talented team never missed a beat is truly an honor. To know as an organization we are strong and willing to step up for the legacy and those who have benefited from it.
    Bless you and yours, KZ
    Ps. I am recovering nicely!!! Looking forward to ALS this coming Monday!
  • Kimberly Zink
    Hello Friends- I am asking for Prayers- I am going into the Hospital tomorrow and I will be getting a long overdue hysterectomy. I will get to be there overnight. I know it is the healthiest choice and I am asking for space, energy, and prayer.
    Bless you and yours,
  • Kimberly Zink
    FIRST DAY/ LAST DAY April 14, 2019

    Several years ago I had a facilitator that was eating dinner with the rest of us and they start choking. When oxygen was no longer coming in they fell to the floor, CPR was administered and they were taken to the hospital where they remained for a while. I can say that after that event I was scared, it was a reality check! It woke me up to the idea that someone basically my age almost died right in front of me, someone that I cared very deeply for. This person...  more
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    • Terri Stakston
    • Marcie
  • Kimberly Zink
    I am looking forward to seeing you soon! KZ
  • Patrick A. Turpin
    Hope you and your family are well my friend.
  • Kimberly Zink
    Wow today has been my version of the almost perfect day.... if tim my hubby was here it would be a perfect day. My baby girl Timber is so light and having fun! I am getting to cuddle Henry and Jude Zellmer- Krystal and Adam’s baby boys!!
    I am so blessed to get to be the nap Nannie!! On purpose! Naps during the vacation are truly self honoring. KZ