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  • Natalie Head
    A friend wrote this and I felt that it speaks so much to what we set out to achieve in our Klemmer journeys!!

    "You are not a turtle!

    A bird hatches from its egg and finds itself in a small cage with no room at all to fly. Is that bird still a bird? Is a bird still a bird if it cannot fly? Or is a now a turtle? Of course not! A bird is a bird is a bird. Just because something (or someone!) doesn’t do what it is designed to do, that does not change what it is! Now that bird will eat, drin...  more
  • Natalie Head
    Riding the bus this morning with my student at work, and "Lean on me " comes on the radio. I just had to bust out singing. It was the unofficial song of ALS team 206!!!
  • Natalie Head
    On this day 5 years ago, i got my first Cochlear Implant. 2 years later, i attended my first PM. At the time, i had no idea how either of these things would impact my life. WOW! What a ride it's been!!
  • Kimberly Zink
    I am looking forward to seeing you soon! KZ
  • Natalie Head
    Miss Kimberly! So great to be in your space last night. Hope you make it back to Seattle again sometime. I am praying for you and your travels today ????
  • Natalie Head
  • Natalie Head
    Happy Valentine's Day, Klemmer Family!! I woke up and chose to think differently this morning. As a still-single-at-41 person, i used to get really down about this day. Instead of "I'm not enough ", it was "I'm so awesome the right person hasn't caught up with me yet!!!". ????????
  • Natalie Head