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  • Jenny Price
    I love my life. So far today. Coffee. Avocado, apple, gorgonzola, candied pecan toast. Great music. Good conversations. An hour in my historical fiction fun READ. Now...getting to the fun and easy work mode and flow. What do you love about your life today? — with Tracy Hunt and 21 others.
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    • Adam Borntreger
    • Jenny Price
  • Jenny Price
    It was a joy to connect with you yesterday. Thank you for YOUR bright heart and pursuit of personal growth that I know will never end.
  • Amy Weitzel
    Busy is not an answer when someone asks how I'm doing. I've said that for years and after staffing PM last week I've decided to remove "busy" from my vocabulary altogether. I now have a bigger plate to manage all of the exciting things I get to do in my life. — with Carla Palazzolo
  • Amy Weitzel