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  • Jenny Price
    WHO CAN YOU THANK TODAY for being the light in your darkness? Tag them and honor them below.
    — with Elizabeth Mead and 42 others.
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    • Jenny Price
    • Kael Farmer
  • Jenny Price
    What’s your favorite memory from childhood?
    What did it teach you about yourself?
    How can you apply it to today?
    — with Krystal Zellmer and 42 others.
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    • Marla Puckett
    • David Vrona  (Coach)
  • Jenny Price
    WHO are you being coached by this week? HOW is your coaching (of someone else - a client, a child, a friend) going right now? WHAT do you most love about a coaching experience?COMMENTS:Ask me a question about Coaching or the Coaching Academy and I will answer below. ...  more — with April Stevenson and 11 others.
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    • Rebekka Jensen
    • April Stevenson
  • Jenny Price
    What topic might you enjoy having us cover on a Tuesday night Support call?
    Please email me at
    — with Tracy Hunt and 7 others.
  • Jenny Price
    How was the call last night? I hope you gained new tools and new connections and new coaching practices .

    — with Tracy Hunt and 7 others.
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    • Noemi X. Salas
    • Jenny Price