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Recent Activities

  • Jenny Price
    WHO CAN YOU THANK TODAY for being the light in your darkness? Tag them and honor them below.
    — with Elizabeth Mead and 42 others.
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    • Jenny Price
    • Kael Farmer
  • Jenny Price
    Who are you BEING today?
    What’s your present contact statement?
    What wil you get to DO and HAVE when you step into your boldest BE right now? — with Tracy Hunt and 18 others.
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    • Shonda Applewhite
    • April Stevenson
  • Jenny Price
    What goal are you
    hitting right now
    that you want to
    let us CELEBRATE
    with you?
    — with Ken Otto and 15 others.
  • Jenny Price
    Want more fun with your kids?
    WANT MORE FUN (period)?

    One of my favorite assignments to give in marriage coaching, or to someone who is looking to improve their relationship with a younger child, is called the FUN JAR.

    It is Simple and very useful in BUILDING fun and connection and it’s an exercise you do with the person that you want to have more fun with.

    Each of you comes up with 10 unique creative ways to go on a date. So pretty much dinner or a movie is out bec...  more
    — with Tracy Hunt and 26 others.
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    • Kristie Powers
    • Jenny Price
  • Sally Galloway
    Happy Love Day! Wishing you all a love-filled day. Inviting you to start your day by indulging in some self appreciation so you have more love to give. It is certainly on my menu of sweets today. Love you all.
  • Sally Galloway
    It's going to be a great 2019. Stepping up to my armpits into "it doesn't have to look a certain way."
    • Jenny Price
    • Sally Galloway
  • Sally Galloway