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  • Jenny Price
    WHO CAN YOU THANK TODAY for being the light in your darkness? Tag them and honor them below.
    — with Elizabeth Mead and 42 others.
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    • Jenny Price
    • Kael Farmer
  • Jenny Price
    How and where do you volunteer your time?

    And why do you?
    — with Krystal Zellmer and 22 others.
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    • Anna Wall
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  • Jenny Price
    HOW will you vote black today for YOU and how will you vote BLACK for someone else today? SHARE PLEASE>>> — with Tracy Hunt and 5 others.
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    • Melissa Hunt
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  • Jenny Price
    WHO are you being coached by this week? HOW is your coaching (of someone else - a client, a child, a friend) going right now? WHAT do you most love about a coaching experience?COMMENTS:Ask me a question about Coaching or the Coaching Academy and I will answer below. ...  more — with April Stevenson and 11 others.
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    • Rebekka Jensen
    • April Stevenson
  • Jenny Price
    Want more fun with your kids?
    WANT MORE FUN (period)?

    One of my favorite assignments to give in marriage coaching, or to someone who is looking to improve their relationship with a younger child, is called the FUN JAR.

    It is Simple and very useful in BUILDING fun and connection and it’s an exercise you do with the person that you want to have more fun with.

    Each of you comes up with 10 unique creative ways to go on a date. So pretty much dinner or a movie is out bec...  more
    — with Tracy Hunt and 26 others.
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  • Kimberly Zink
    Hey friend- hope your December is going well. kz